Welcome to Xu Clinic


I am Ivy Xin Xu, the founder and sole practitioner of the Xu Clinic.  I am an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist. I provide traditional acupuncture treatment  and herbal medicine in the Purley and Selsdon area


I help patients with a range of illnesses and symptoms, from clearly defined complaints to more general feelings of ill health and low energy. I also actively paticipate in reseach project on acupuncture and keep a running blog of real patient case studies to show case the effectivenss of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. 


I come from a family of Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners spanning three generations in Wuhan, China.  Please click here to find out more about me.


What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy that has over 3,000 years of history. In China, acupuncture is practised alongside western medicine and doctors of both disciplines often cross-refer patients to obtain the optimum treatment results.  For further information on acupuncture, please click here.


Chinese herbal medicine


Chinese herbal medicine has been practised in China since the 3rd century BC. Each prescription is carefully constructed for individual patient. It can be used alongside common western medical prescription and causes minimal side effects. We use Swiss pharmaceutical herbal brand Sunten® for its high quality herb supply, strict quality control and rigorous plant identification process. This is supplied by Herbprime Co. Ltd, a sole distributor of Sunten® pharmaceuticals in the UK and an approved supplier of The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM). Royal Mail 48 hours courier service is used for herbal medicine prescription delivery, majority of patients receive their herbal prescription on the following working day. Preperation instruction for herbal medicine formula can be found here


Next steps to helping you


If you are suffering from any illnesses or symptoms and would like to experience the benefits of traditional acupuncture treatment, please contact me for an initial consultation which includes a full diagnosis of your condition and assessment of your medical history, based on which a comprehensive treatment plan and dietary and lifestyle advice will be discussed with you.  The initial consultation usually lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted over the phone .Following initial consultation, follow up acupuncture treatment sessions to implement the treatment plan will take up to 30 minutes at each visit. Herbal medicine may be prescribed to assist treatment if requried. 
























COVID- 19 update



COVID-19 update: there are new measures in place to provide safe visits for patients attending clinic: 


  • Prescreening COVID-19 questionnaire for all patients
  • Telephone consultation to reduce time spend in the clinic
  • Spaced out appointments to allow social distancing 
  • Additional cleaning/sanitising between patients
  • Hand sanitiser, hand washing and Type IIR face mask provision
  • Practitioner wearing full PPE 
  • For those who are still shielding and unable to attend clinic, virtual consultation is available by appointment






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